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We're on a mission to revolutionize hospice and palliative care by making it a more equitable experience for everyone involved, including the clinicians at its heart.

If you're a healthcare provider committed to dismantling structures of oppression and crave the support you need for a fulfilling career instead of a draining one, you’re in the right place.



We offer membership, small group support and continuing education for hospice + palliative care social workers and clinicians making an impact.

Our mission is to enhance hospice and palliative care social work through mentorship, education, community building and advocacy as change agents committed to equity and anti-racism. We start with ourselves to dismantle harms perpetuated within the systems in which we exist.


Join us in defining the future of compassionate, whole-person healthcare — and get the support you need for a sustainable career while you're at it.

Membership Options

Becoming a SWHPN member offers you access to the sweetest + boldest community you've ever met, support for a sustainable career, resources valued at over $1000 per year and more.

Learn With Us

At least once a month we offer continuing education programming that covers the topics that really matter, such as cultivating cultural responsiveness in your practice and how to take care of yourself in ways that actually work.

Support Our Work

Your tax deductible donation fuels the development of anti-oppression curriculum, supports advocacy efforts for healthcare equity, provides genuine assistance to hospice + palliative care clinicians and offers valuable resources to those in need.


What we offer

2024 Summer Summit

Join Us For A Half Day Workshop This August!

Bringing Your Expertise to the IDT Setting: Teaching Core Psychotherapeutic Insights to Palliative Care Teams

Join us for an engaging and interactive 4-hour workshop designed for palliative care professionals seeking to enhance their practice with key psychotherapeutic insights. 

Presented by The PalliPsych Collaborative 

August 23, 2024

12pm EST - 4pm EST | 9am PST - 1pm PST

$100 for SWHPN Members | $160 for non-members


Includes 4 CEUs for social workers who attend live


Social workers are essential to the practice of hospice and palliative care. The APHSW-C certification recognizes bachelor’s and master’s level social workers with experience, specialized skills and competency in hospice and palliative social work. The APHSW-C assures the public that certified practitioners have the knowledge and skills to provide safe, high-quality care at an advanced level and we have the resources you need to prepare for your exam.


What people are saying

Alisha McGuire

I joined SWHPN when I transitioned into the world of palliative (and hospice) social work. I have gotten so much out of my membership; ranging from education, professional/career development, mentorship, and lifelong friendships. SWHPN has helped be the platform in the "next steps" of my career from the micro to the macro!

Arika Patneaude

I joined SWHPN because I wanted to be in community with other HAPC social workers and interprofessional colleagues. I remain a SWHPN member because I want to make an impact on HAPC as a field in engaging in and committing to anti-oppression and anti-racist end-of-life care with colleagues and an organization that are committed to this as a mission. As HAPC professionals we cannot provide high quality serious illness care from diagnosis to death without being culturally responsive and anti-racist.

Jennifer Hill Buehrer

Social work in the medical field is lonely - palliative care social work even more so! I love the chance to connect with other professionals who understand that, and who do the same really difficult, emotionally challenging work I do.


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