Meet the SWHPN Board of Directors

2021-2022 Executive Officers


Board of Directors

2021-2022 SWHPN Committee Members

Governance Committee

Allie Shukraft, Chair
Stacy Remke
Arika Patneaude
Ellen Csiaki
Tanisha Bowman
Stephanie Wladkowski
Bridget Sumser

Education & Certification Programming Committee

Cathy Berkman, Chair
Ellen Csiaki
Chris Onderdonk
Anne Kelemen
Carina Oltmann
Myra Glajchen
Bridget Sumser
Grace Christ
Jennifer Halpern
Suzanne Marmo


Annual Assembly & Conferences Committee

Gary Stein, Co-Chair
Cathy Berkman, Co-Chair
Russell Kieffer
Anna Lewis
Jennifer Christophel Lichti
Esther Ammon
Lori Eckel
Eunju Lee
Caitlin Scanlon
Grace Christ


Membership Committee

Anne Kelemen, Chair
Arden O'Donnell
Jennifer Portz
Lori Eckel
Becky Cammy
Torrie Fields
Beverly Lutz
Kathie Supiano

Finance Committee

Torrie Fields, Chair
Allie Shukraft


Strategic Engagement Committee

Myra Glajchen, Chair
Stephanie Wladkowski
Tracy Brubaker
Torrie Fields
Jennifer Hirsch
Andrew MacPherson
Jennifer Halpern
Katie Tyrell Weimann

Nominating Committee

Suzanne Marmo, Chair
Liz Anderson
Arika Patneaude
Chris Onderdonk
Danielle Jonas
Grace Christ


Student Committee 

Stephanie Wladkowski, Chair
Tracy Schroepfer
Cyndi Hovland
Delia Cortez
Quentin Maynard
Jennifer Currin-McCullough
Natasha Lampkin
Devonna King
Vickie Leff
Chris Onderdonk
Abbie Latimer


Applications for Board of Directors and SWHPN Committees open on an annual basis in the fall. You must be a current SWHPN member to be nominated to the Board of Directors or serve on a SWHPN Committee. For questions on how to participate, please contact [email protected].