2023 General Assembly Poster Presentations


Poster presentations are an integral part of the SWHPN conference experience, offering attendees the opportunity to discuss and learn about a variety of topics in psychosocial hospice and palliative care.

Posters are displayed in an exhibit area throughout the conference and are formally presented and discussed during a 
dedicated Poster Walk Session on Monday, April 24, 2023.


 Poster Title



"Bad Mother": Navigating End-of-Life care in a Pediatric Hospital for a Case of Neglect Annie Vaden, MSSW, LCSW-BACS Ethics;
Population-Specific (Pediatrics, Geriatrics, etc.)
"Everybody Needs to Talk about Their Child": A Descriptive Phenomenological Study of Bereaved Parents' Experiences in Digital Storytelling      Abigail Rolbiecki, PhD;
Karla Washington, PhD, LCSW
Caregiving & Caregivers; Grief and Bereavement
A Bridge to Palliative Care: Opportunities for community care managers Grace Downs-Liguori, LCSW Addressing Anti-racism and Equity
A Retrospective Review of 1 Year of ACP Services Embedded in the Primary Care Practices Eric Nelson, MSW, LCSW;
Jana Dunkley, MSSW, LCSW, APHSW-C; Nicky Lewis, MSW, LCSW
Leadership / Administration / Management
Caring for Transgender People at the End of Life: A Scoping Review of the Literature S. Alexander Kemery, PhD, RN;
Alyssa Blue
Addressing Anti-racism and Equity;
Population-Specific (Pediatrics, Geriatrics, etc.)
Comparing Health Related Problems and Deficits in Activities of Daily Living in Incarcerated Veterans and Non-Veterans   Siobhan James, LMSW Population-Specific (Pediatrics, Geriatrics, etc.)
Cultivating empathy through inter-professional  education: An exploration of undergraduate social work students experiences with an end-of-life simulaton. Cynthia Hovland; PhD, MSSW, BSW   Caregiving & Caregivers;
Death, Money, and Politics: The effect of polity and GDP on palliative care Rivka Biggs, MSW student; Lissette Flor, MSW student Population-Specific
Dying for a change: A systematic review of compassionate release policies Shivani Kaushik, MSSW, RSW;
Jennifer Currin-McCulloch, PhD, LMSW
Policy & Advocacy; Population-Specific (Pediatrics, Geriatrics, etc.)
Experiences of Oncology Clinicians Providing Care to Patients Without a Documented Immigration Status       Sheila Langan, LMSW;
Cathy Berkman, PhD, MSW
Addressing Anti-racism and Equity;
Policy & Advocacy
Five Skills I Refined During COVID: Life at a Tertiary Care Hospital       Catherine Luck, MSW, LISW-S, C-SWHC Addressing Anti-racism and Equity;
Formal and Informal Advance Care Planning in Couples: Exploring Differences in Engagement Between U.S.-Born and Foreign-Born Older Adults        Sarah Clem, MSW;
Todd Becker, LMSW
Addressing Anti-racism and Equity;
Social Determinants of Health
Healing the Professional and Personal Caregivers: A Collaborative Memorial Service for Oncology Patients       Jessica Kreitman, LCSW;
Anna Gribetz, LCSW
Clinical Interventions;
Grief and Bereavement
How Do Peer Support Bereavement Programs Address Risk Factors Associated with Childhood Bereavement?"

Stephanie Heitkemper, MA MFT, LPC, RPT, FT; 
Angela Moreland, PhD

Clinical Interventions
Implementation of Complicated Grief Risk Screening into Inpatient Palliative Care Consults Lauren LaTourette, LCSW, APHSW-C; Kaitlyn Williams, MS;
John Liantonio, MD, MBA, HMDC, FAAHPM
Caregiving & Caregivers; Grief and Bereavement
Lab Participation and its Effect on Engagement in Evidence Based Practice    Lissette Flor, MSW Student;
Rivka Biggs, MSW Student   
Leadership / Administration / Management
Promoting Patient Autonomy in Medical Decision-Making Through the Establishment of a Bidirectional Interface Between a Hospital Electronic Health Record and State Registry for Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment       Heather Menzer, LCSW;
Fariza Alendy, MSW, MPH
Innovations in HAPC; Leadership / Administration / Management
Psychosocial Screening among Inpatient Palliative Care Teams: A Literature Review    Chelsea K. Brown, LCSW, APHSW-C, CCTP;
Cara L. Wallace, PhD, LMSW, APHSW-C
Addressing Anti-racism and Equity;
Innovations in HAPC
Qualitative Study with Social Workers to Explore Barriers Documenting Advance Directives Frances Nedjat-Haiem, PhD, LCSW; Jen Currin-McCulloch, PhD, LMSW; Melissa Lundquist, PhD, LISW Social Determinants of Health
Referring Patients and Caregivers for Research Participation: Understanding Participant Motivations, Benefits, and Burdens   Anna Wingo, MSW, LCSW;
Cara Wallace, PhD, LMSW, APHSW-C;
Stephanie P. Wladkowski, PhD, LMSW, APHSW-C
Caregiving & Caregivers; Grief and Bereavement
When It's My Time...It's My Time: Palliative Care and the Heart Failure Protocol Miriam Arnheim, MSW, LCSW, ACHP-SW, APHSW-C Clinical Interventions
Witnessing Death in Online Lung Cancer Support Groups: A Qualitative Study with Patients with Advanced Lung Cancer Casey Walsh, MSW, PhD;
Jen Currin-McCulloch, PhD, LMSW
Grief and Bereavement


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