Special Call for Papers: Social Work Practice during Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Deadline: December 31, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has created changes and challenges in how social work practice is being conducted in all areas of the health care system due to guidelines and restrictions put in place in response to the pandemic. Thus, hospice, palliative and other social workers are being tasked with supporting individuals, families, and co-workers in new, unforeseen, and creative ways. In this special issue, social workers are encouraged to share reflections about the situations, challenges and changes they are experiencing as well as the processes of new ways to connect with those in most in need of intervention. In addition, it is important that social workers’ practice self-care and so papers on approaches to doing so during this stressful time are welcome.

  • The journal will have an expanded ‘Reflections’ section to include, for example:

      • Personal reflections on what you experienced in your practice;

      • Healthcare system changes and how you have been affected by the need to connect virtually with your patients and their families via telehealth, phone calls, and zoom meetings;

      • Reflection on case studies that were particularly challenging and of successes experienced during this time;

      • Personal reflections regarding ethical problems faced (related to case experience).

  • The journal will also have an expanded ‘Practice Concepts and Innovations’ section to include, for example:

      • Health care system changes and how practice has been affected. What novel interventions seemed to work during this challenge? How did these develop and how evaluated?

      • New professional partnerships that developed;

      • Ethical dilemmas demonstrated through brief case discussion, including case resolution. What new agency policies were implemented that were helpful and/or not helpful?

  • Other topics in fuller length articles, including research and policy:

      • What were the common concerns of individuals and families near the end of life during the pandemic? Perceptions of those who were following a normal course of dying -not from virus; and those who were diagnosed with the virus.

      • Identifying research challenges in preparation for similar challenges in future.

      • Identifying ongoing ethical problems of concern during and after the pandemic

      • What governmental policies are recommended so that social workers can provide support to hospice and palliative care patients and families in times of extreme measures in the health care system? What are the existing policies that worked or didn’t work?

Please see the journal website for instructions for authors. Authors are strongly encouraged to contact the Journal Editor-in-Chief, Ellen Csikai 
([email protected]), with a brief paragraph or outline of their proposed submission. The editor will provide feedback to authors about appropriateness and/or give suggestions about how to enhance their potential contribution.

Taylor & Francis is allowing open access to articles related to COVID-19 in all of their journals.

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